‘Sign Language Support Badges’ and ‘Deaf Badges’







Emergency Blousons for Sign Language Interpreters

‘Sign Language Support Badges’ and ‘Deaf Badges’

In 1930, the Peoria Lions Club in Illinois, USA inaugurated what has now grown into a worldwide and ubiquitous movement, when they donated white canes to blind people.

Entering the 21st century, the Tokyo Komagome Lions Club, of Japan 330-A Area, is now doing something similar. Our goal was to help to make our community barrier-free through deepening our understanding of sign language and enriching our view of deaf people. To this end we produced ‘Sign Language Support Badges’, for sign language interpreters, and ‘Deaf Badges’ for deaf people. Wearing these, both interpreters and deaf people can easily identify each other. We also produced ‘Emergency Blousons for Sign Language Interpreters’. These jackets make sign language interpreters more visible during times of emergency.

   Sign Language Support Badges Deaf Badges
Sign language is a language just like English, French and German, and learning a foreign language demands time and money. While the same thing can be said about learning sign language, what is even more vital is to have passion, as well as empathy for deaf people. This seems to equate with the concept of ‘Volunteer Spirit’. Accordingly, if our club’s donation of ‘Sign Language Support Badges’ increases the number of interpreters of sign language — the only language for deaf people — we could have a great impact on the creation of a community that has no barriers to communication. To realize this goal, we hope that you will use the ‘Sign Language Support Badges’ and ‘Deaf Badges’ which our Tokyo Komagome Lions Club have made. By doing this, you will help to promote the diffusion of sign language and enrich our view of deaf people.

We would like to thank from the bottoms of our hearts all parties and people who contributed to this project for their tremendous cooperation and advice.

For enquiries about the badge, please contact our club office, fax number +081 3-5242-0482
Supervision and translation:Mike Smithies&Nahoko Ito
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